Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Finally Ready To Finish

I thought it would be so much fun to do a pieced quilt and started looking for a template pattern I could use.  I found a whole bunch.  Now I had to pick one, I did, the Friendship Star.  

This is a real challenge to do because you have to make sure you get the pieces in just the right order or you have to tear out and start all over again.  I got so frustrated I actually put the quilt away for quite a while because I felt I wasn't good enough to do one of this magnitude.  

After a few months I got into this wonderful group called The Outlaw Quilters and got inspiration from them and decided I was just making this quilt harder than it really was.  Once I got that into my head, the pieces all fell together and a quilt was born.

It's not as big as I hope it would be because I made a glaring mistake with ten of the blocks, but it's still big enough to be a large throw or a toddler's quilt.

Now it's time to put the batting and backing on it and get ready to start sewing so I can get it listed and hopefully sold.  

I hope you all have a wonderful day!