Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project for a Friend

Finally received the items from my friend Peggi to start making the stuffed toys out of her deceased mom's fleece coat.  So far the teddy bear is coming out really cute and I can't wait to do the bunny.  I also have a special surprise for Peggi that she is going to love and probably start crying over.  Once I get everything done I'll be sure to post some photos.  

This is such a special honor to be allowed to do this with her mom's most precious article of clothing.  She loved that fleece jacket and to be asked to make stuffed animals out of it for her grand daughter to cherish for many years to come is such an honor.  

Do need to get some bigger bells to put inside the stuffed animals.  The bells she sent me aren't going to be big enough.  Even with a muslin bag to protect the bell it's not big enough to make any noise once inside the bear.  You can barely hear it.  Need something bigger.  I thought about putting a squeaky inside, but don't know if that would be very appropriate.  

I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Have a wonderful day.   


As promised here are the teddy bear and the bunny.  They sure came out good.  I've never worked with fleece before so this was a challenge.  I did discover, I really don't like working with fleece very much.